Looking for a Purpose

Looking for a Purpose (1)

Do you ever wonder what in the world God is doing? Maybe, if we just knew, we could get through the hardships by staying focused and breathing (just like childbirth). Ya think?

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Flaws in Us We Can’t See

Flaws In Us
The concept of being a stupid sheep has grown on me gradually. At times, I’ve known I was stupid… Sometimes, I’ve acknowledged myself to be weak and forlorn, just like a little lamb. But I seem to regularly get “too big for my britches” and forget my humble need for the Shepherd.

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Body Image (9/10/13) – “Moments for Moms”

Here, Kim talks about the ongoing struggle with body image.

“Moments for Moms” – Intro

In this video, Kim explains her overall plan for her series entitled, “Moments for Moms.”

Confidence and Humility: The Impossibility of It

Confidence HumANDility- (1)
I recently visited my home town. I was surprised to discover how many old insecurities and biases floated up to the surface. I’ll admit that this stupid sheep was shocked and dismayed. Haven’t I outgrown all of this by now?

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Shepherd’s Touch Calms Emotions

kipEmotions can make you crazy. I have often wanted to have a more stable personality, but I’m high and low. My dear husband is so steady that sometimes I need to take his pulse to find out if he is still alive.

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