Meet “Lamby”- Lovingly Named by My Kids

She may look hot and kind of dumb..and she IS! Just like ME!

About This Blog

I didn’t start out knowing I was a sheep. Coming from a ranching family in West Texas, I knew sheep to overgraze, die easily, and just be , well, stupid. I saw myself to be more like a hard-working quarter horse, maybe a high-stepping filly. But after over fifty years of overgrazing, killing myself with addiction, and just being stupid, it dawned on me.

This blog is about being the creature that I am AND about the Good Shepherd that cares for me.

Being Confident in the Dark


Do you feel confident? Me neither. In fact my life as a stupid sheep is characterized by continually forgetting important information. You too?

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How to Be a “Nice” Mom: Stupid Sheep Forget!

I don’t wake up in the morning and say, “I am going to be irritable and angry today.”

On my list, I never write things like lose your temper, berate your children, kick the dog.

I even know that the fruit of the spirit comes from a vibrant ongoing love relationship with Jesus. I pray earnestly and read my devotion in hopes that I will be the mother I want to be.

So, a few hours later, why do I find myself in a puddle of self-pity- angry and insecure?

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Overcoming Anxiety and Fear


Have you ever awakened one morning to discovered that you are in a place that you never,ever expected? I find myself in such a place. I don’t like change and many, many things have been changing lately.

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