When Husbands Drive Us Crazy

Overcoming (3)

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your marriage grow?

If you’ve been married for any length of time you soon discover that neglect will choke the life out of your marriage. The best way to handle problems is one step at a time. Today let’s start with one thing about your husband that drives you crazy.

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Marriage: On Neglecting Your Garden

You may not have a green thumb. I know that I don’t, but the first time I bought an orchid I promised to be a good steward of that beauty. I read all of the instructions, put reminders on my calendar, and checked it several times a day.

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Trusting Your Spouse in Marriage

Do you trust him?

They say that talking to your plants can help them to grow. I don’t know if that is true but I am certain that a safe place of trust is the foundation for a healthy marriage. What seems to threaten a trusting relationship? Read more

Envy in Marriage: The Hidden Source of Many Problems

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your home be the envy of the neighborhood? How about your wonderful husband? The behavior of your children? In our culture, making people envious seems to increase our self-esteem– or that’s what we tend to think.

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Nobody GETS Me!

IMG_0990If you are like me, you tend to be insecure. Several times over the past holidays I found myself oozing with personal opinions, tears, or things dear to my heart, and …. nothing. I know I’m weird, but I thought SOMEONE might, at least nod their head or blink an eye! It seems that the greater the distress I am under, the more desperately I want… something! But what? Read more