With more than 2,500 speeches, seminars, retreats and workshops to her credit, Kim has been featured in events from coast to coast and as far away as India. Her compassion, wacky sense of humor and willingness to “get real” endear her to a variety of audiences, and she’s a master at entertaining while providing practical steps for success.

A native Texan with the twang to prove it, Kim holds a Bachelor of Sociology degree and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Vanderbilt University. Married to the same man for more than 30 years, she has also modeled, ranched, taught disabled children, raised five youngsters, traveled widely, cared for countless barnyard animals and cooked more meals than she cares to remember.

With passion, skill, and an utter lack of pretension, Kim brings deep wisdom and perspective to help audiences navigate the complex challenges of work and relationships in today’s world.

How It All Began

Kim’s work in the auditorium and the board room began in her own living room: she started her speaking career holding uniquely themed Christmas events at home. As the events became more and more popular, Kim started taking her show on the road in various communities, illuminating the rich meaning of the holiday for women of all cultural and faith backgrounds.

While expanding her reach, Kim repeatedly heard women from every walk of life describe the same kinds of struggles. Determined to offer practical solutions, she set her sights on empowering audiences to achieve positive change and balance in a world that seems bent on undermining both.


27930_10200319064686015_28751843_nMarried to David for more than 30 years, Kim has raised five children who currently range from 12 to 29. She also has two grandchildren – so far. While her large family has given her a few wrinkles and gray hairs, it’s also provided endless insight into the challenges faced by moms and working women everywhere.

No discussion of Kim’s family would be complete without a roster of their pets. Right now, the Skinner menagerie includes sheep and pygmy goats, a miniature horse named Rooster, chickens, rabbits, doves, a pigeon named Henrietta, and two pampered pugs. Like her children, these beloved creatures have found their way into Kim’s speaking and writing!