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Undercover Anger Can Hurt

Are you a hothead? Ever experienced steam from the ears, a blazing face or a torrent of words soon regretted? That’s it.   Just in case this is not you, be forewarned. Research reveals that hidden anger can be just as detrimental to your health as it is for the hotheads among us.   When […]

Sewing Mends the Soul

  For years my family has harassed me for disappearing to my sewing room for hours at a time. I’ve been known to lap quilt during sporting events which always raises an eyebrow. Some call me a nitwit but I will not be dissuaded! It’s good for my mental health!   Lately I’ve been on […]

Speaking of Mental Health….

My brain chemistry is wacky and I’m not alone. Will you help?   Great! So I was leaving the psychiatrists office yesterday gripped by the memory of how embarrassed I used to be coming and going from a mental health facility. I’ve always hated to appear weak or to be THAT “depressed” person people kindly […]

Are You True to Yourself?

I’ll admit that I am still feeling guilty about the bags of Butterfinger Bites I ate over this past Spring Break. In addition to the hours of baseball games, sunbathing, and binge eating, I enjoyed rereading Charlotte Brontë’s classic, Jane Eyre. Now THAT girl was true to herself!   As the tragic man that she […]

Lonely? Let’s Join Around the Campfire

I have been caught several times of late hiding in my own house. Other times I have been discovered parked in an empty lot – busy in my own car. When asked about my curious behavior I simply respond, “I’ve got a lot of things to get done and this way I can do them […]

Twin Crazy Nana Nutkin

I was not born a twin but descended from a colorful one. My great grandfather Basil Hampton Blakeney was one and also had a pair of twin brothers. He was lovingly called B. H. or “Bonehead” by the family.Although I thought that twins would be fun, I was blessed with five children spread out over […]

Living and Hoping

I recently experienced a bout with depression and was gripped by the accompanying hopelessness. Despite what I knew to be true, my emotions usurped rational thought and dragged me down. With proper medication, good counsel, and time I believe that I am, finally, on the mend. Whew!Over the past year I have had the privilege […]

Summertime and Going Places

  A summer vacation may not be possible for you this year but that does not mean you are stuck. Attitude is everything. Forget time travel and choose to travel intentionally through the next months. Perspective can lift your spirits and change your life even in the hottest dog day of summer. I’M GOING SOMEPLACE […]

Friends In Strange Places

A year ago, I volunteered to help homeless women at Community Connections. I host the monthly event “Women’s Empowerment Night” and have had high hopes of really helping these women. Month after month, I have prepared their meals, slowly discovering how much they appreciate food. Others have joined me to bake terrific desserts and they […]