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How to Cope With Infertility Pain

As the mother of five, you may not believe that I went through years of infertility pain. I did and truly understand that agony if you are experiencing this now. Be encouraged and comforted to find that other women have suffered as you.

Healing Marital Problems: Wooly Wisdom for Marriages

When the most intimate and vital of all human relationships experiences disfunction, the pain can be unbearable. The good news is that marriage is important to God, the Shepherd of the sheep, and He can heal the most terminally afflicted union.

Substance Abuse

Although men are more likely than women to become addicts, women develop physical and social consequences faster than men. It’s more difficult for women to quit and easier to relapse. Most treatment programs were developed based on research in men. We, women, need to walk with other women through recovery.

Eating Disorders

I never have liked skinny people. As a chunky child and a chubby-cheeked full-figured teenager I went to food for comfort. But… why couldn’t I just be skinny?


Words are powerful. They can sting for decades, distract from reality, or bring clarity and renewed vigor. My words are intended to bring women together. They are intended to let you in and bring your best out. Mine is a story of wanting to be understood and still fearing disclosure. In the workplace, as a […]