Emotions or Motion Sickness?

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I’m convinced that being a female is not for cowards. Puberty, PMS, pregnancy, postpartum, peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause… What a ride!

Yesterday, I had the joy of flying from Dallas to Charlotte on a huge airplane… on the last row. I’m not usually fretful when traveling, so I just observed my seat placement as unfortunate.

As we began our descent into North Carolina, I packed up my notebooks and closed my eyes. (Not to pray or anything. I was just tired.)

Suddenly, I was wrenched from my perch (hugging the aisle) and fell into the large man seated next to me. Before I could apologize or even blush, we were jolted in the other direction.

This time I closed my eyes to push back the nausea. We continued to be thrown arms akimbo.

Curiosity caused me to peek out and what I observed would have been funny if it weren’t so frightening. Men and women were rocking back and forth with jerky motions. A child had vomited and folks were straining to either get a view or escape from the disturbance.

A lethargic-sounding captain mumbled something to us but no one paid him any mind. Curious glances, grimaces, and alarming banter filled the cabin in front of me.

Again, I closed my eyes. Yes. I prayed, too. Upon landing, we all breathed out a sigh and breathed in the lamentable aroma of upchuck!

So, what did I learn about emotions? Here it goes:

  1. Flying high means that we need to be prepared to eventually come down.
  2. It doesn’t really matter if you are the one experiencing the hormonal “bumps” because when you are packed together (as in on airplane), the emotional experience of one tends to emotionally influence the others.
  3. Vomit traditionally has a negative effect on one’s emotional stability.
  4. Closing your eyes and breathing deeply does seem to help tumultuous emotions, but I wouldn’t advise it for the pilot.
  5. Maybe the hormonal bumps I’ve experienced over the past decades have not experienced in isolation. My poor husband has been “strapped” next to me for the fast thirty-one years of marriage.
  6. Sometimes emotions make our mouths move faster than our minds.
  7. Being next to a toilet in the back of a plane is a good feeling.

When the bumps of life produce fearful emotions, close your eyes and pray.