Overcoming Anxiety and Fear


Have you ever awakened one morning to discovered that you are in a place that you never,ever expected? I find myself in such a place. I don’t like change and many, many things have been changing lately.

Growing pains are just awful, aren’t they? Oh, how they hurt! I don’t know if you have ever cried all night and arisen with swollen eyes and a headache. I have. Perhaps right now you are in such a difficult place that the pain is raw and frightening.

Among my precious goats, I have a few sheep. They are not resilient and are apt to freak out. My “Maggie” was a pitiful specimen. She was, in fact, a black sheep, but don’t hold that against her. I remember that several times she became so sick. I literally held her in my arms to feed and medicate her. During this misery, she learned to trust. She couldn’t trust herself, so she had to trust me. The one place she found peace was looking to me.

Do you feel off balance? Recently, the irritations of growing older and the drastic changes taking place in my family require me to “get a grip.” Perhaps I need to boil it down as “Maggie” died. If I have the right “one thing,” then, perhaps I’ll be alright.

This blog is about finding and exploring that “one thing.” This blog is about becoming a sheep of “one thing.” Why not begin like this:

  1. Growing up means being willing to ask for help. “I can do it myself ” is for three-year-olds.
  2. What seems to be upsetting me the most? Make a list if you have to, then, rank them.
  3. Is there something that you could change that would help the situation?
  4. If you have absolutely no control over this situation, admit it. Stop fighting and exhausting yourself.
  5. The one thing you can change in this instance is the way you respond to this circumstance. It’s called serenity and I find it in the eyes of the Shepherd.
  6. Consider the possibility of putting your faith in a “Grown-Up” Power that is actually in control of all things and loves you.
  7. Seek answers.
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