When Husbands Drive Us Crazy

Overcoming (3)

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your marriage grow?

If you’ve been married for any length of time you soon discover that neglect will choke the life out of your marriage. The best way to handle problems is one step at a time. Today let’s start with one thing about your husband that drives you crazy.

I go crazy when he:

  • Plans a golf game on Saturdays without talking to me first.
  • When he lies around on the couch all weekend.
  • When he withdraws into himself and is not responsible in taking care of things around the house.
  • When he has time on vision and is unaware of the family life going on around him.
  • When he comes home from work angry and directs it at me.
  • When he attempts to help me but does it all wrong.
  • When he criticizes what I have done around the house or with the kids.
  • When he is so objective and not empathetic.

Okay now that we have identified one characteristic let’s attempt to learn something through this.

  1. Is there any redeeming part of that trait that should be considered?. If so how?
  2. In the past what negative responses have you confronted him with? Anything successful?
  3. Who is more likely to be willing to change at this point? Is he even aware of his annoyance? If so has your response caused him to dig in his heels?
  4. In what ways could you change your behavior or expectations to alleviate this problem?
  5. Be pro active in nurturing your love relationship. Go 24 hours without saying one single critical statement to him. Pursue him sexually. Prepare his favorite meal. Tell him what you admire or appreciate about him.

Before you give up because you are presently experiencing a lot of marital strain, let me encourage you with this.

It only takes one person to change the dynamic of a relationship. Self-sacrificing love is the most compelling, world changing power that we have ever known. Consider what grabbing and berating you husband has produced so far. Swallow your pride. Attempt to have compassion on your husband. Give sacrificially and see your marriage begin to heal.