Nobody GETS Me!

IMG_0990If you are like me, you tend to be insecure. Several times over the past holidays I found myself oozing with personal opinions, tears, or things dear to my heart, and …. nothing. I know I’m weird, but I thought SOMEONE might, at least nod their head or blink an eye! It seems that the greater the distress I am under, the more desperately I want… something! But what?

Surely you know how frustrating it is to speak from your heart and look into blank faces that don’t get it!! But I believe only a few choices remain:

1. Give up and go find other friends.

2. Pray for wisdom to patiently help them to understand you.

3. Choose to forgive them for not understanding or identifying and attempt to understand THEM!

4. Re-address the issue of what I want people to GET!

I’ve decided that our world is made up of stupid women who are selfish and carry their own insecurities and pain (like ME). Something is wrong when I expect all of my emotional needs to be satisfied in quick encounters with friends, or even acquaintances. But I am SO DESPERATE to have others validate ME. Are you? Hang in there! This third chapter in Colosians helped me!

“Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above.”(v.1)

My main problem is that my heart has been set on ME or TIME ALONE, or BEING APPRECIATED, or whatever.

Col 3:14 says that we are to LOVE in such a way that is deliberate like putting on a garment.

This love is hard work and involves compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. “Bear with each other” (v.13) and keep on forgiving. I must continually pull up roots of resentment and bitterness and remind myself of the way Christ loves me. I am NO better than anyone and I can only hold on to resentment if I feel superior. Example:”I would never treat anyone like that!”

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts” (v.15) implies that making peace with OTHER hearts needs to be a royal priority! We must attempt to understand each other AND help others to understand US! Being called to peace involves speaking biblical truth to each other and lovingly bringing up wrongs. (One person at a time, and with great tenderness and wisdom.)

Finally, gratitude speaks volumes. (V. 15b,16,17)

I grumble against others, the church, leaders, the society in which God has placed me…. When I am not getting something I really, really want! Respect? Acceptance? Appreciation? ( IDOLS of my heart!)

Jesus gives me all I need! Humble gratitude forces me to stop grumbling and to pray the serenity prayer:

“Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference!”

Moms are all different, but the same. We tend to resist accepting things that we cannot change. Our feelings get hurt and we want to fight or run. ONLY GOD can change mom strife. By sticking with Jesus as our heart’s TRUE LOVE, and by sticking with others who may not “get” us, we are living out what Jesus came to do… To build a living temple where forgiving, caring, healing and encouraging takes place.

Nobody “got” Jesus, but he gave literally ALL of himself for us. I can’t even “get” myself, most of the time, but He lovingly shakes His head at me because He understands it ALL! That helps me to keep on giving and not being gotten! 🙂