Real Courage and Facing Death


Edith Corse Evans will forever be remembered as one who gave up her seat on a Titanic life-raft for a young mother. It has caused me to seriously think about my true convictions and in what I tend to trust.

Perhaps my “fear factor” is not being well-put-together! Don’t we admire and desire that?

I can admit that I spend much “dream time” thinking about how I am going to get back in prime shape. When my feet needed surgery, I waited to heal so I could get back to running again. When my neck was causing numbness and pain, I was actually angry when I passed people enjoying their runs. Now, in my fifties, after six weeks of sinus problems, I think that surely next year I’ll be running half-marathons again.

“Kim,” I ask myself, “What are you trying to prove?” It’s as if I believe that being physically fit can honestly prevent me from getting old! HOW STUPID IS THAT?

AND I go for “high-tech” anti-aging stuff. I need my white roots treated by the best chemicals that make my treated grey hair look “natural!” I need gel nails that only dry with UV lights so that I will look like I have young, natural-looking hands. Then, there is the age-spots that need to be bleached. The crow’s feet need to be lubricated. Don’t get me started on “high-tech” medical treatments and vitamin regimens! I want to put my faith in treatments as if that would increase my flagging courage anti-aging in the face of death. Again I ask, HOW STUPID IS THAT?

The third characteristic coveted by the Israelites in Goliath was his swagger. He exuded self-confidence! I tend to be intimidated by people like that. Do you? “Sending positive thoughts” seems to be a buzz phrase these days. Is the idea of possessing positive brain-waves really the answer to cancer, paralysis, and death? I know it’s not enough for me, but still, I desire and admire it.

I have one crazy fear of talking on the phone. I know its crazy, but it’s true. No amount of visualization can help me in this area. Being physically fit means nothing here. Even having the I-phone 5 has not cured me.

If courage is facing our fears and doing what is right no matter what it costs, how can we do this knowing that it means accepting death? I struggle just trying to accept old age and phone calls!

But as I remember Edith Corse Evans, I am convinced that she cared little for physical strength, the latest gadgets, or the power of positive thinking. She cared for a young mother who would leave young children motherless. She cared for another because Another had cared for her! The Son of God willingly gave up His seat and went under the waves of death so that she could live eternally with family. There, her Heavenly Father would love her completely and, in fact, go with her through the sinking of the Titanic. May I have such courage. I know the only way is to keep gazing at my Shepherd!