Serenity and “Thinking Outside the Box”

Sometimes I feel like an old cow, paralyzed as I stare at a new fence post and open gate. I’m just so comfortable with familiar patterns of thinking that I get stuck. Do you?

I have recently been perplexed with the problem of writing a book about mental illness. How can I share life experiences without compromising privacy? All attempts seem to produce further conundrums that suck me further into a mire of self doubt.

Here’s how I’m striving to “think outside the box.”

  1. Consider the worst case scenario. I need to start with this step because it quickly reminds me that the world will continue to spin without my assistance.
  2. Clear your head with a change of environment. Turning off my cell phone, I may take a walk to merely let my mind wander. It seems to shake things loose.
  3. Revisit the problem without an ounce of negativity. This requires a disciplined system of thinking and brainstorming. I start with a comfortable pen and a fresh piece of college ruled paper.
  4. Don’t stay isolated. Self-doubt and agitation make me seclusive. Get with folks you trust and admire. Learn to listen well. Sometimes we become too focused on the questions and miss out on life stories that reveal hope and creativity.
  5. Be willing to accept whatever comes.

Some books are not meant to be written. Some hardships are destined to be endured. Surely some risks are made to be taken . Yet the best way to “think outside the box” may be to pray for serenity-

Lord, help me to discover solutions for those puzzles I can untangle. 

Hold me steady when faced with life’s issues I am not meant to change. 

And please grant me faith and wisdom to accept my place on either side of “the box.” 

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