Shepherd’s Touch Calms Emotions

kipEmotions can make you crazy. I have often wanted to have a more stable personality, but I’m high and low. My dear husband is so steady that sometimes I need to take his pulse to find out if he is still alive.

The Psalmist, David, was not such a flat-liner. He had deep feelings and expressed them throughout the Psalms. Worry, bitterness, confusion, fear, joy, ecstasy, even dancing before the Lord, were all part of his makeup.

As an artist and an emotional man, David had to have something beyond his tumultuous self to hold him steady. I know that my tendency is to be yanked around by my emotions and I long to just endure faithfully. I know things that I profess to be true. Regretfully, my emotional state causes me to doubt and even panic.

God reveals that we are the sheep of his pasture and are created for a purpose. That purpose is to love and follow the Shepherd as we love and care for our fellow sheep. God also created us in such a way that we must abide by his instructions for optimum productivity and even joy.

Just as a new blender needs to be plugged into an outlet and securely closed in order to perform, we to must be positioned in such a way so as to be what we are. I’m made to be plugged in to God! My identity is in Him. My productivity and value is in Him. How soon I forget!

Emotions are curbed within me when I am operating properly. When closely listen to God’s words , I am able to keep the crazed monster at bay. When I am obeying the nudges and the prods that the Good Shepherd gives me, I am practicing life the way I work best. But, I usually DON’T want to do it God’s way. Do you?

As a shepherd, I know how to read my sheep. I can tell when a ewe is getting ready to lamb. I can see the stance of a ram who is about to charge. I know when to separate the babies from their moms and I can tell when their normal behavior turns abnormal. I am the one who nudges and prods them for their own good. They usually don’t like it at the time anymore than I like God’s handling of me. But it IS needed.

I will change only to the degree that I surrender to His touch, His word, His loving embrace! If only this stupid sheep would remember!

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