For Business & Organizations

To help you cultivate leadership and build a stronger, more productive organization, Kim addresses topics such as relationship skills, peak performance, motivation and managing conflict. In each case, she combines inspiration and motivation with real-world application. Her ability to inspire both thought and action is unparalleled, and her remarks will leave your team not just energized but also equipped with practical tools to enhance their personal, professional and community lives.

For Women

Kim is a frequent speaker on women’s issues. Recognizing that women constantly juggle careers, health, children, marriage and, often, elder care, she provides relevant, real-world examples and action items that leave audience members feeling enthused and better equipped to “live smart” and achieve greater balance and success.

Drawing on her background in behavioral science and special education, Kim uses storytelling and humor to convey her message, entertaining as she provides practical steps for change. She brings insight, compassion and frankness to each topic, and her willingness to “get real” enhances her impact.

Which Dog Are You?

Through a humorous look at various canine breeds, Kim provides valuable tools to help audience members evaluate and address their own – and others’ — strengths and weaknesses. This program helps attendees to be their best and appreciate the best in those with whom they live, work and play. We’ve listed some of her most popular presentations below.

Attendees will leave these programs with the ability to:

  • Identify and understand different personality styles
  • Implement strategies to avoid conflict and communicate appreciation for others at home, at work and in the community
  • Use humor to reduce stress, improve morale and elevate productivity.

Closing the Loop: Motivational Communication

At work or at home, people who feel “out of the loop,” tend to be more edgy and defensive and less cooperative and productive than their “in the loop” coworkers and partners . This presentation helps attendees learn to “close the loop,” defuse tension and re-engage employees/co-workers during and after a difficult situation.

Work Out the Stinks and Sweeten the Pot

Almost any group can be paralyzed by one difficult person, and the ensuing loss of perspective is a sure-fire saboteur of success. Kim offers strategies to handle both the “difficult person” and the rest of the team’s attitudes and actions. Attendees will leave this presentation knowing:

  • Three cutting edge techniques to “sniff out” the true source of the problem
  • How to open the windows and let in some fresh air
  • Two proven attitudes that can eliminate the stench and sweeten the pot for everyone
  • How to renew the passion in a team environment that’s gone sour

Pulling Your Weight: On Body Image

This highly entertaining presentation is based on Kim’s own struggle with body image and eating disorders. She skillfully merges personal experience and stories with facts and effective strategies to help listeners deal with this pervasive challenge. Attendees will leave this program with:

  • Manageable steps for achieving needed change
  • Practical tools for turning off unrealistic criticism

From Blame Changers to Game Changers

In today’s culture, shifting the blame has become as common as fast food. Both are extremely unhealthy and have long-lasting negative effects on life, work and leadership. Accepting responsibility and cultivating a positive attitude are key factors in dealing with adversity and being an effective leader or team member. This presentation arms audience members with a practical approach to self-talk, honesty and relationships.

Who Calls the Shots? A Workshop on Functional Faith & Practical Spirituality

Is your life comprised of one irritation after another? Are you overworked, underappreciated and avoiding thoughts of the future? What do you think your life is for? Do you live for pleasure? …To be attractive and productive? Is your desire to be loved and appreciated? Or do you simply want to determine your own course?

The answers to these questions can uncover unexplored, yet fully functional faith. In this workshop, attendees will discover their core values and the ideas to which they are fully committed. Kim reveals positive ways to embrace spirituality and use it to enhance work, life and relationships.