Summertime and Going Places


A summer vacation may not be possible for you this year but that does not mean you are stuck. Attitude is everything. Forget time travel and choose to travel intentionally through the next months. Perspective can lift your spirits and change your life even in the hottest dog day of summer.

For me it seems that my children travel more than I do. My youngest took a six grade trip to the Keys. My middle child is now married and has experienced a honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico, and is now living in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Most of the miles I travel this summer are for the purpose of feeding people, meeting people, and entertainment.

The choice is before me. I can resentfully go about my daily activities dreaming of the exotic vacation spots I am missing OR I can renew my sense of purpose and enjoy the ride.
*I’ll attempt to encourage people along the way
*I’ll choose to be grateful and to focus on the beauty I perceive around me
*I’ll attempt to make every step count to create beauty or enable healing for those in my community

Somethings are just better shared. The joy of experiencing a great movie is increased when others come alongside. My eyes are opened when I discover others wide-eyed with awe.

Traveling together can come in many forms. Perhaps a new book that I just finished could be shared with the neighbor and discussed upon its completion.
I have found that investment in the lives of those from other cultures has been a life-changing experience for me. I will always love the phrase “Come with me!” and the words of Dr. Seuss “oh the wonderful places we’ll see”.

A number of my good friends and family are debilitated at this time. Less than a year ago I was frightened as I struggled with memory loss.  We all dream of a beautiful land far, far away. We desire rest, stimulation, and the pristine beauty of something wonderful. Don’t we?

I have not traveled extensively, but the places I have encountered, wonderful as they were, failed to create a perpetual sense of happiness and contentment.

As I have embraced the classical Christian worldview I have been able to lament the horrors and brokenness around me without needing to hide from it. I have also discovered the seemingly mundane visions around me to be signposts for something that is to come.


If my worldview is self-contained -(if this world is all there is)- then desperation, finality, and despair are sure to result. But if this world is not all there is, then this life is not limited to the breaths that I take.  If this world will someday be re-created (as I believe) then we have the hope of experiencing all the beauty in everything we missed. Just think about it.
*Read a book about an exciting mountain-climb knowing that someday you will experience the height and grandeur of those mountains and MORE! AND you will never grow bored with the experience nor fear personal injury.
*Care for the needs of an immigrant or a special needs child knowing that someday there will be no foreigners and every child will belong and never shed a tear.
*Take a walk in the park and look to the treetops. As you watch the birds in flight and listen to their singing know that someday we will soar on wings like eagles and never grow weary.

Do you have itchy feet? I invite you to join me in a “stay – cation” that will blow your hair back and leave you wide-eyed and hopeful.

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