How to Create a Safe Place for Emotional Connection

Picture a -Safe Place- (3)

As thoughtful wives we understand the importance of open communication. Unfortunately our schedule can get in the way. Let’s plan on building a safe place for communication to happen.

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Different isn’t Wrong!

Different isn't Wrong! (1)

As a wife, I am very aware of how different my husband is from me. I wake up and make lists. He stumbles into the shower. I make quick decisions. He likes to take his time. He folds his dirty clothes…..I don’t!

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What is a Good Woman?

Why Don't You Listen To Me- (1)

I don’t think that any of us would set out to be a bad woman. Of course we want to be good. We want to be attractive smart and to make a contribution to the world in which we live. But how are we going to know if we’ve actually achieving goodness?

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Marriage: On Neglecting Your Garden

You may not have a green thumb. I know that I don’t, but the first time I bought an orchid I promised to be a good steward of that beauty. I read all of the instructions, put reminders on my calendar, and checked it several times a day.

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Trusting Your Spouse in Marriage

Do you trust him?

They say that talking to your plants can help them to grow. I don’t know if that is true but I am certain that a safe place of trust is the foundation for a healthy marriage. What seems to threaten a trusting relationship? Read more


Meet “Lamby”- Lovingly Named by My Kids

She may look hot and kind of dumb..and she IS! Just like ME!

About This Blog

I didn’t start out knowing I was a sheep. Coming from a ranching family in West Texas, I knew sheep to overgraze, die easily, and just be , well, stupid. I saw myself to be more like a hard-working quarter horse, maybe a high-stepping filly. But after over fifty years of overgrazing, killing myself with addiction, and just being stupid, it dawned on me.

This blog is about being the creature that I am AND about the Good Shepherd that cares for me.