Temperament Training Tips: How to Get Along!

Do you ever feel like it’s a dog-eat-dog world? Someone is always bossing you around or barking up your tree! It may help to understand the cause of all of the bossing and barking.

Some dogs (and people) are born leaders. They sniff out what needs to be done and follow the scent to competition. They are highly motivated and productive but may leave you in the dust. (Pointer-type)

Other dogs (and people) are clownish and talkative extroverts. They paw you for attention and pant for attention. They really can attract a crowd, but quickly forget about tasks at hand. (Beagle-type)

Quiet intelligent dogs (and people) may skillfully uncover hidden bones or mathematical theories. They like rigid guidelines, but people?… Not so much. (German Shepherd-type)

And finally, quiet but funny dogs that lick and snuggle a lot are truly man’s best friend. Loyal and always available- Their jobs can just wait! (Pug-type)


Compassionate care can be defined as “giving a person what he/she needs in a way he/she can receive it.” Here are a few examples:

  • Pointers and German Shepherds need a job to do.
  • Beagles and Pugs need human contact and friendship.
  • Pointers receive instruction before the task begins.
  • Beagles like to talk along the way.
  • German Shepherds prefer written, detailed words.
  • Pugs like small group discussions and humor.

When we understand the temperament of our boss, coworker or family member, we can avoid unhealthy “dog-fights” and actually help each other.


Psychologists have determined that our unique personalty profiles are comprised of temperament traits from at least two different quadrants (and sometimes all four).

Nevertheless, we each exhibit one primary temperament style that, when understood, can hep us to grow and become more self-aware.

Are you a Pointer or Beagle? How about a Pug or German Shepherd? Identifying your “breed” may explain a lot about what makes you growl or want to chase your tail!



Click HERE for the Temperament Test!

Click HERE to see which dog YOU are!

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