Trusting Your Spouse in Marriage

Do you trust him?

They say that talking to your plants can help them to grow. I don’t know if that is true but I am certain that a safe place of trust is the foundation for a healthy marriage. What seems to threaten a trusting relationship?

  •  A busy over booked schedule
  • Our insecurities and selfishness
  • Undisclosed expectations built by previous family experiences
  • Keeping score and buying into the 50% 50% principal
  • The difficulty of coping with personal trials or suffering

Cultivating trust in marriage is just as important as cultivating a garden to produce a harvest. It requires perseverance, time, and determination.

Do you trust your spouse? If not, are the barriers on your side? Are your own insecurities being brought to the marriage with no means of being understood by your spouse?

Do you give your husband ample reason to trust you? Is it safe for him to express his opinions or feelings to you?

Ultimately misplaced trust will have a negative effect on one’s ability to trust in the future. Trusting in your husband to completely satisfy the deep recesses of your heart is too much pressure for any man. After all, we are fallible messed up people. Yes, that’s you and me.

When my trust is completely wrapped up in my husband’s performance, he feels undo pressure that has a devastating effect on him. I am too needy, too demanding, and even too frantic to be a good wife for him.

However, when my trust is in the One who created marriage, I can be secure. The One who defines what trust is and reveals what trust does is faithful.

Thankfully, God has given us an instruction manual on how marriages are meant to work and flourish. Just as I might initially read gardening instructions understanding little, I must take it one step at a time in order for my crop to grow. We are to do the very same thing with God’s teaching on how to relate to our husbands.

Let’s keep our hands in the dirt, our eyes on the Gardener, and our mouths shut.