Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Sheep? My Insecurity and Doubt!


I’m not usually frightened at football games. In fact most of the time, if I am actually seated in the bleachers, I spend hours looking at people, the dancers, and the cheerleaders.

This weekend, we traveled to watch our college sophomore dance during a game. She was splendid, but as the game progressed, my attention was drawn to two tiny running backs from the other team. They were the toughest little “Mighty Mites” I’ve ever seen. It is as if they darted in and out of the legs of our defensive players. When pressed outside the line, they shoved out their chin and pressed their chest against anyone who came into their path. Even though I was safe from my place up on the 40-yard-line, I was intimidated.

We were the mighty Bulldogs facing our adversary, the Lions. I, personally, lost no sleep over the close defeat we suffered that day, but I was reminded of the adversaries I face on a daily basis.

I tend to vacillate between courage and cowardice, depending upon how I view myself and who I find myself facing. I guess I am always forgetting who I am and who has already won the battle for me.

I, too, am a slave that has been set free. I am a stupid sheep that was wondering lost and, now, have been found. Yet my life is continually comprised of self-centeredness and a tendency to doubt the promises of the Good Shepherd.

We all have Goliaths in our life. One of the scariest is the face that I see in the mirror. The voice that I hear in my head is always taunting me… “I am a coward… I need help…” And, God HAS sent the Savior. We see Him in David, as he pointed to the One who would fight as our representative. Just as Goliath would face David and winner would take all, Jesus won the victory and made the victory ours.

How beautiful it is to have a God like ours! He not only comes down and pulls us out of our wretched slavery, but He continues to remind us over and over of our freedom! I don’t want to forget my precious position! Shepherd, stay close and keep whispering to my wayward heart about the certain hope that I have in you!!