Why I Love to Speak

Do you have a sweet spot? Is there something that, whenever you partake, it electrifies your life and lifts your spirits? My sweet spot is to speak to women.

Last week I had such an opportunity. The event: “Speaking of Women’s Health” in Jacksonville Florida. My topic: “Which Dog are You? And Running with the Pack.”

Not only did I meet a room full of women who were as diverse as the various breeds of dogs, but I was thrilled by their enthusiasm, sincerity, and desire to become more effective in their workplace or sphere of influence.

As I looked into the soulful eyes of 140 women, I identified what I already knew to be true. Women are profoundly intuitive and attuned to the needs and emotions of those around them. We all have different styles of communicating and relating to others, yet the heart of a woman seems to be consistent.

I, though the speaker, was energized by THEM. In fact, among the thousand women in attendance throughout the day, I was delighted to discuss everything from the work environment, empty nest syndrome, caring for aging parents, and mental health struggles.

As a quilter, I remember it said that quilting bees were as much about the therapeutic value of meeting with other women as they were about completing a quilt. When women get together it is just good medicine.

My sincere thanks to all of the beautiful women who took the time to share a piece of their lives with me. Each piece “seamed” to fit together beautifully to produce a work of art. You are stitched on my heart and I am better for it!

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